Central Arkansas Power Sports specializes in 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, side by sides, scooters, go karts, minis, small Jeeps, and various other items, such as accessories, ramps, hats, handle bar grips, toys, filters, and much more.  

Be mindful that we many not have all items in stock as they do sell out very quickly, but we can order them for you/ will restock.  We are also willing to negotiate any price with cash deals!  Please call if you have any questions!


Vitacci Hummer 200cc go kart: $5150
*available in green/red/blue/yellow/black

Vitacci Blade 150cc: $4850
available in red/green/blue/orange

RPS Jeep 125cc go kart: $3000
*available in black/red/green/white

RPS 200cc go kart: $4950

Vitacci Blade 250cc: $5150
*available in blue/red/orange/green

Vitacci TRex 125cc: $2875
*available in orange/blue/green/red

Vitacci Batman 200cc: $4950
*available in red and blue

Vitacci sidexside 650cc: $12500
*available in black/red/blue

Vitacci 200cc Passenger Rover EFI: $7550
*available in blue/black/orange/camo/white


Vitacci 200cc Rover EFI Dump Bed: $6950


Vitacci Nitro 150cc: $1900
*available in blue/red/army green/black

Vitacci DB-28 110cc: $1175
*available in blue/black/red/green

EGL A17 300cc: $5150
*available in red/orange/green

EGL A08 110cc: $1250
*available in red/orange/green

EGL A16 250cc: $2850
*available in red/orange/green

Apollo DB-X19 New Frame 125cc: $1975 
available in orange/yellow/red/green/ black/blue

RPS DB60E 60cc: $799
*electric start

Tao 250cc: $2850

Tao DB17 125cc: $1475
*available in green/red/orange/blue

Apollo RXF 140cc: $2750
Apollo RXF 140cc max: $2950

*available in orange/yellow/red/green/blue/black


EFI Hawk 250cc: $2850
*available in green/red/black/blue


Rider 7" Tire 125cc: $1875
*available in pinkcamo/army greencamo/blue/red/black

Rider 9" Tire 125cc: $1875
*available in yellow /black /red/ green/ pinkcamo /white /green /redspider/bluespider/greencamo

Cougar UT-200cc: $3000
*available in blue/red/black/greencamo

Pentora 250cc: $$3280
*available in blue/green/red/black/white/metallic gray

Rider 10" Alloy Wheels 125cc: $1975
*available in redspider/blue/orange/greencamo/pinkcamo/black

Pentora 200EFI: $2200
*available in red/green/orange/blue

ACE T125: $2200
*available in red/pink/blue/green/orange

ACE K125: $2000
*available in blue/ green/orange/ red


Offroad mall 110cc: $1175
*available in  blue/yellow/green/black/red



Balance bike 12": $599
Balance bike 16": $799
*available in pink/blue/red/yellow

Vitacci electric motorcycle powerwheel: $599
*available in white/blue/orange/red

Mercedes touchscreen powerwheel: $650
*available in blue/white/red/greencamo

Vitacci touchscreen powerwheel 4x4: $750
*available in pink/white/black

Vitacci 3-seater Jeep 4x4: $750
*available in dark and light green